Law office specialising in family law in Bremen, Germany

Due to the clear advantages in comparison with a protracted and emotionally stressful court case, legally-binding, out of court settlements of the consequences of a separation and a divorce based on mutual consent are one area of focus of the law office.

The law office works solely in the area of family law. Clients from Bremen and throughout the whole of Germany are supported during the difficult time of a separation or a divorce.

One of the areas of focus of the law office is out of court agreements based on mutual consent for all the legal consequences of divorce (such as maintenance claims, the division of assets, custody, the family home) in the form of ancillary relief agreements for separation and divorce. Agreeing on the consequences of a divorce in advance makes it possible to avoid a long drawn out court case. On the one hand, an out of court settlement of all consequences of a divorce is less emotionally stressful for all those involved. On the other hand, this solution involves lower costs than if all claims are settled in court.

To prepare for an ancillary relief agreement for separation and divorce, economically expedient solution approaches are identified at an early stage and a personal concept for the client is drawn up on this basis. Drawing up an individual consequences of divorce concept, concluded with a notarised agreement, is in the interests of businessmen/women, managerial staff and freelancers in particular, for whom a protracted dispute in a family court could have a negative financial impact.

Issues with regard to jointly-owned property can also be settled contractually. Settlements with respect to the family home or other jointly-owned property are a further major focus of the specialist law office. Clients receive extensive, expert advice concerning the various settlement options and the legal and financial consequences of these settlements, for example in connection with maintenance or accrued gains.

The portfolio of services also includes advice on and the drawing up of a will or a deed of inheritance, as well as drafting health care proxies and living wills.