Quality standard

The high quality standard of the law office for family law and mediation in Bremen is ensured on the basis of specialisation and continuing professional education.

The specialist law office specialises in family law. Due to the level of experience and the specialisation, concentrating solely on family law and mediation facilitates a high level of consultancy service quality. To guarantee this quality, continuing professional education measures in the areas of family law and mediation are undertaken on a regular basis. The law office is authorised to display the "Fortbildungsbescheinigung des Deutschen Anwaltvereins [DAV Continuing Education Certificate]" seal of quality.

Dr. Kasten has been awarded the title "Fachanwältin für Familienrecht [solicitor certified as a specialist in family law]" from the Bremen bar association, which is only conferred on those with a high level of experience and specialisation. In order to be authorised to use the title "Fachanwältin für Familienrecht [solicitor certified as a specialist in family law]", the bar association must be provided with evidence confirming that the practical experience and theoretical knowledge in family law significantly exceeds that which is usually gained by means of professional education and practical experience in the profession.

Evidence of specialised continuing professional education in family law, numerous completed family law cases and various successfully passed performance audits is required. Furthermore, evidence of annual, continual family law education is also required for a solicitor certified as a specialist in family law in order to ensure that the specialist solicitor operates to a high quality standard in this field.

Due to her extensive professional education and evidence of various family mediation cases, Dr. Alexandra Kasten is recognised and certified as a "Mediator BAFM" by the Bundes-Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Familien-Mediation. Dr. Kasten is also certified as a "Mediator BM®" by the Bundesverband für Mediation. (Both of these organisations are highly-recognised mediation associations in Germany.)

In 2014/ 2015, Dr. Kasten successfully took part in a basic practical notary work course run by the Deutsche Notarakademie [Germany Notary Academy].