Law office for family law and mediation in Bremen, Germany

Dr. jur. Alexandra Kasten

  • Solicitor certified as a specialist in family la
  • Lawyer
  • Mediatorin BM®, BAFM

The specialist law office in Bremen, Germany specialises in the areas of family law and mediation. Concentrating specifically on family law ensures a high standard of quality. The law office represents the interests of clients throughout Germany in connection with all issues related to the family, separation and divorce.

Family law also involves representing the interests of clients when drawing up pre/postnuptial agreements as well as during a divorce or separation. The legal consequences of divorce, such as maintenance claims and claims with respect to the equalisation of accrued gains are calculated. Custody and access rights issues may need to be settled and the household items may have to be divided up. It is often also necessary to clarify what will happen to a jointly-owned house and a joint mortgage on the property after a separation, or who is to stay in the family home.

Mediation is a structured conflict settlement process that aims to find a solution based on mutual consent. The mediator supports the persons involved in finding a forward-looking solution that is advantageous for both parties.

Law office

The law office for family law and mediation in Bremen focuses on out of court agreements based on mutual consent. Solicitor Dr. Alexandra Kasten is certified as a specialist in family law and is a mediator BM®, BAFM..
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Family law

Solicitor Dr. Alexandra Kasten from Bremen counsels you in all areas of family law on the issues of pre/postnuptial agreements, separation, divorce, property in the event of a separation/divorce, division of assets, custody, access rights, maintenance, accrued gains etc.
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Mediation supports the parties in settling conflicts based on their own responsibility. When settling the consequences of a separation or a divorce, mediation can represent an alternative to a legal dispute.
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